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The New Tourism Newspaper for the Autumn/Winter Season 2021 Has Been Published
Dārzu iela 6, Ventspils

Have a look at the new Ventspils Tourism Newspaper for the autumn/winter season, where you will find the latest information on Ventspils and recreation and leisure opportunities for the locals and the guests of the city.

The new Tourism Newspaper offers information on the best places to spend the autumn holidays in Ventspils, as well as recreation and leisure opportunities during the cold season, including the diverse programme of cultural events in the Concert Hall “Latvija” and the Theatre House “Jūras vārti”, and the opportunities to enjoy the wintertime on the snow hill “Lemberga hūte”.

The newspaper also contains information on the wide offer provided by the structural units of the Ventspils Museum, which is especially relevant in the autumn season, during the field trips. Enthusiasts of active leisure will find the current information on the offer of the Water Adventure Park and the sport complexes at the Olympic Centre “Ventspils” very useful.

The end of the year is an especially beautiful time in Ventspils, as thousands of light bulbs light up in the city and the city streets are decorated with Christmas trees and holiday decor that entice everyone to enjoy the Christmas time here. The newspaper offers information on tourist attractions and places to take a walk in the nature, including the city news, e.g., the recently constructed Science Centre “Vizium”, which will open its doors to the visitors at the beginning of the next tourist season.

On the last pages of the newspaper, you will find further information on how to earn and receive the unofficial local currency Venti and where to use it, when visiting different tourist attractions in Ventspils. The Venti enables discounts of up to 50% at around 40 recreation, sightseeing, and leisure areas in Ventspils. For a full list of sites accepting the Venti,

The new Ventspils Tourism Newspaper is published in four languages: Latvian, Russian, Lithuanian, and English with a total edition of 200 000 copies. It is available in the Tourism Information Centre, as well as directly at the sites of tourist attractions. In addition, the readers of newspapers will receive the Tourism Newspaper free of charge as a supplement to the newspapers “Diena”, “Privātā Dzīve”, and “Kurzemes vārds” in Latvian, the newspapers “Суббота”, “Сегодня Неделя”, and “MK Latvija” in Russian, and the newspaper “Lietuvos Rytas” in Lithuanian. This year, also the locals will find the Tourism Newspaper for the winter season in their letter boxes.

The newspaper is available also for download here.


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