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A new view to the sea
Freitag, 23. April — Montag, 31. Mai. Saulrieta iela, Ventspils

A new view to the sea – fire control tower of the 46th Coastal Defense Battery – will be opened for visitors from 23 April at 1 p.m.

Ventspils Museum in cooperation with the municipal institution of the city of Ventspils “Komunālā pārvalde” and Ventspils Tourist Information Centre has renovated and performed land improvement works of the former command post and fire control tower of the 46th Coastal Battery of the Seacoast Artillery of the USSR army in Ventspils. The military heritage site has been renovated within the project “Latvian-Estonian Common Military Heritage Tourism Product”.

The total cost of the project is 66 500 EUR (co‑financed by 85% by the European Regional Development Fund – 56 500 EUR), partly financed by the national budget by 5%, i.e. 3 300 EUR, and co-financed by the Ventspils City Government by 10%, i.e. 6 600 EUR).

A unique cross-border project “Latvian-Estonian Common Military Heritage Tourism Product” started in 2020, totally involving 24 partners and 36 military heritage sites in Latvia and Estonia.

The Ventspils fire control tower of the 46th Coastal Defense Battery with its adjacent four cannon positions is the only well-enough preserved coastal defense battery in Latvia where military fortification principles of the WW2 can be observed. The tower overlooks the sea.The tower will be open for visitors every day from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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