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Join us for an Easter walk “Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg”
Dienstag, 6. April — Donnerstag, 8. April. Ventspils

To welcome Easter, each year, the city of Ventspils is decorated with beautiful festive decorations. This year is no exception – eggs, bunnies and other thematic compositions set up at several places in the city will bring enormous joy to the locals. During the holidays, the Tourism Information Centre (TIC) of Ventspils invites you to take an Easter Walk “Humpty Dumpty Easter Egg”, using a special map to discover the colourful Easter decorations and count all eggs set up at various locations in the city.

Easter is just around the corner, as evidenced by the new festive decorations at several locations in the city this year. In order to discover and see them, the map of walking routes developed by the TIC of Ventspils could come in handy. The locations with Easter decorations are marked on the map with the respective points. To make this walk even more exciting, the locals are invited to find and count as many eggs located in the city as possible.

During the walk, families with children can definitely visit the collection of figural sculptures “The Bunny Family” and enjoy some time in the Seaside Park of Ventspils, where they can have a nice picnic in fresh air and roll their Easter eggs down the small hills.

This year, the city has new Easter decorations. The square Lielais laukums is decorated with a colourful composition of spatial eggs, whereas on the town hall square, colourful eggs are cosy nestled in twig nests. The branches of the lime trees growing along the street Kuldīgas iela are holding bright festive decorations, but the poplars at the intersection of Lielais prospekts and the street Brīvības iela have been surrounded by a swarm of butterflies playing in the branches. In the centre of the district Pārventa, one can discover colourful birds and Easter egg silhouettes.

Easter holidays give you a great opportunity to get inspired by the awakening of nature and breathe in the smell of spring. Three days long, from 3 to 5 April, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the families or individual visitors will be able to enjoy the festive mood also in the Seaside Open-Air Museum of Ventspils (in Riņķa iela 2). The visitors will be able to take part in different games and smaller activities according to Latvian Easter customs, such as the egg rolling, bunny jumping, chasing of birds, etc. Not to mention several large and small swings, allowing everyone to have fun. Entrance with museum entrance cards and subject to the restrictions established throughout the country.

The Tourism Information Centre of Ventspils wishes you happy Easter and reminds you to follow the epidemiologic safety measures and invites you to enjoy the spring outdoors, in fresh air.

Did you know that …?

  • On the Maundy Thursday, the house should be cleaned and everything that has been accumulated during the winter should be discarded, as then the house will be clean throughout the entire year. However, on this day, remember not to bring anything from nature at home. Otherwise, the house will be plagued by insects and crawlers during the summer.
  • If on Easter morning the sun rises bright, the summer will be hot. If it flickers, the year will be profitable. If the sun “wraps itself in a shirt”, the spring will be cold.
  • On Easter morning, you should wake up with the sunrise and wash your face in flowing water facing the sun, because then you will be bestowed more vitality, bright mind, health and beauty.
  • If the father of the family manages to cut an Easter egg so that the number of parts corresponds to the number of the family members, the family will live in harmony.
  • Swinging is a magical ritual which symbolically represents the swaying and dancing of the sun on the Easter morning. It is supposed that swinging helps the sun to climb the mountain of heaven to the top. 

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