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New map of walking routes in Ventspils
Sonntag, 21. Februar — Montag, 22. Februar. Ventspils

The Ventspils Museum, in collaboration with the Tourism Information Centre, invites you to discover the little city towers.

Each city is identified by a specific architectural detail, which allows it to stand out and proudly rise high above other cities. For instance, Ventspils surprises with its abundance of large and small towers forming part of city buildings and also stand-alone towers.

The Ventspils Museum and the Tourism Information Centre of the city invites you go for an hour-long walk (on a route of approximately 3.5 km). Look up and you will discover some details of city buildings that often go unnoticed, such a gorgeous weathervane or a lovely tower-like ornament on the façade of a building.

The map of city towers is available at both the Tourism Information Centre and the cash desk of the Livonian Order Castle. However, a digital version of the map is available on the website of the TIC ( and the Ventspils Museum (

We invite you to discover the small city towers, take a picture of your favourite one and send it to the e-mail, indicating the slogan MAP OF CITY TOWERS, and follow the draw, which will take place on 1, 6, 15 and 22 February on the websites of the Ventspils Museum and the TIC.

In order to participate in the prize draw, the photographs must be submitted before the beginning of the next draw. The deadline for submitting the photographs is 21 February at 9 p.m.




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